What Can I Do If I Was Fired Today for Being Pregnant?

Jan 24, 2019
By Peter Friedmann

Having a child is a cause for celebration and certainly should not interfere with the career that you have worked hard to create.

If you have been terminated or mistreated at work because of a pregnancy, it is critical that you contact a pregnancy discrimination attorney in Columbus, Ohio. Our legal professionals at The Friedmann Firm will pair you with one of the firm’s experienced pregnancy discrimination lawyers. We will work with you to ensure that your employer is held responsible for their unjust practices. If you were fired for your pregnancy, you have protections under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, which can help in addressing your unfair termination.

Pregnancy Discrimination Act

As part of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act protects the rights of the women in the workplace who have become pregnant.

According to the legislation, “Discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions constitutes unlawful sex discrimination under Title VII.”

It continues, “Women affected by pregnancy or related conditions must be treated in the same manner as other applicants or employees who are similar in their ability or inability to work.”

Simply put, employers cannot not discriminate against employees who have become pregnant while employed.

Additionally, employers cannot refuse to hire a woman on the basis of her pregnancy if she is able to adequately perform the job functions. The PDA also protects women from being given unequal pay or benefits due to their pregnancy.

What Can I Do If Was Fired for Being Pregnant?

There are a number of avenues that the employment attorneys at The Friedmann Firm can help you pursue if you were fired as a direct result of your pregnancy or because you took leave to give birth to a child. Provided that you were indeed fired because of your pregnancy, we can pursue your former employer.  A lawsuit can seek damages for lost wages, front wages, employee benefits, possibly emotional distress as well as variety of other damages.

Succeeding with this type of litigation can be difficult. You will need the assistance of an experienced, skilled pregnancy discrimination attorney.

What Constitutes Pregnancy Discrimination?

Pregnancy discrimination is not always straightforward. If you were fired after becoming pregnant, this is an obvious case in which discrimination may be present. However, there are a few other instances in which pregnancy discrimination can be more subtly used:

  • You were not hired for a job because you are pregnant;
  • Your employer did not give a promotion due to a pregnancy;
  • You were not given a raise after a pregnancy;
  • Your employee benefits package changed after your pregnancy.

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