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When you are confronted with unpaid commission problems, rely on the expertise of the Columbus unpaid sales commission lawyers at The Friedmann Firm. Dealing with unpaid wages can be complicated, especially when commissions are involved. It is possible that unpaid commissions are the result of a genuine mistake made by your employer, or it could be a deliberate refusal to pay the commissions that you are owed as per your agreement.

Since our establishment in 2012, we have successfully represented numerous clients in employment and labor law cases, including unpaid wage disputes. Our extensive experience covers a wide range of employment-related issues such as workplace discrimination and harassment, wrongful termination, and violations of wage and hour laws.

Employees who work on a commission basis are entitled to receive payment for any commissions they have earned. However, some employers fail to fulfill their obligations by either neglecting to pay earned commissions or by obscuring important details related to sales or other requirements outlined in your commission agreement. Our Columbus unpaid commission lawyers are here to help you navigate these complexities and ensure that you receive the appropriate compensation you deserve.

What are Sales Commissions?

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) defines sales commissions as “a sum of money paid to an employee upon completion of a task, usually selling a certain amount of goods or services.” Employers often use sales commissions as incentives to enhance employee productivity. These commissions can be paid in addition to a base salary or in lieu of one.

Typically, a commission agreement exists between an employee and an employer, specifying how commissions are calculated and when they will be paid. This agreement may also outline what happens to owed commissions in cases of termination or resignation.

However, in instances where a commission agreement does not exist, Ohio state law determines that “the past practice used by the principal [an individual who provides services to others or manufactures, produces, imports, or distributes products for sale] and the sales representative shall control the determination.” Consequently, even if you have been terminated, you are still entitled to any earned commissions.

How Non-Payment of Commissions Attorneys Can Help You

Our Columbus unpaid bonus lawyers can assist you in several critical ways. We understand the stress caused by unpaid commissions, particularly when you know that they rightfully belong to you. Our team will support you by:

  • Educating you on your rights as an employee
  • Determining if you have a valid case for unpaid commissions
  • Ensuring your case meets all required deadlines
  • Collecting relevant evidence to strengthen your claim

We leverage our years of experience in labor and employment law to advocate for your best interests. If your employer is refusing to pay the commissions owed to you, we are here to represent you and seek the recovery of your unpaid wages.

Our team brings expert and aggressive representation to the table as we work to hold your employer accountable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes retaliation for non-payment of a commission?

Retaliation for non-payment of commissions can take various forms, such as suspension or termination when an employee reports unpaid commissions to their employer. Several protected activities, including reporting sexual harassment and objecting to an employer’s failure to pay wages, shield employees from retaliation. Although the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not mandate commission payment, reporting non-payment is still protected under other relevant laws. It is illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee engaging in such protected activities. If you believe you are facing retaliation for reporting unpaid wages, contact one of our Columbus unpaid commission lawyers.

Can my employer withhold a commission?

In most cases, an employer cannot withhold a commission from employees. According to Ohio state law, even if an employee is terminated or resigns, they are entitled to all earned commissions.

Section 1335.11 of the Ohio Revised Code states that failure to comply with “any contractual provision concerning timely payment of commissions due upon termination of a contract with a sales representative” is liable to civil action.

If you are uncertain about the provisions in your employment contract or a commission agreement regarding how your employer handles commissions, consult with one of our non-payment of commissions lawyers today.

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If your employer is withholding the commissions you have rightfully earned, reach out to our Columbus unpaid commission lawyers without delay. We are dedicated to helping you resolve unpaid commission issues, whether your employer is deliberately withholding payment or has made an error in calculation.

Resolving wage violations can be complex, but our team of Columbus unpaid commissions lawyers will thoroughly educate you on your rights and thoroughly investigate your case. As an employee, you have the right to fair compensation for your work, including any earned commissions that were agreed upon. The Friedmann Firm is committed to ensuring that employees receive all the unpaid wages they are owed.

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