Employment Contract Lawyer Toledo, Ohio

If you need assistance in negotiating or understanding your employment contract, the Toledo employment agreement lawyers at The Friedmann Firm are here to help. We regularly assist employees with employment agreements by explaining the terms presented or by negotiating for better terms. We want to ensure that you understand your rights under an employment contract before you sign, especially as employment contracts outline all the key details about your employment.

Our Employment Contract Attorneys in Toledo, Ohio Are Here to Protect Your Rights

Employment contracts contain a lot of information, from outlining compensation and benefits, expected job duties, how legal disputes between you and your employer will be handled, whether you are bound to a non-compete or non-solicitation agreement, and defining expectations of both parties.

Because of the different clauses included in a contract and the legal significance surrounding them, it can be prudent for you to consult with an experienced employment lawyer in Toledo Ohio before signing anything.

The knowledgeable and well-versed attorneys at The Friedmann Firm can review all aspects of your employment contract to ensure that you are protected and that the contract reflects your wishes. We also handle contract negotiation and can reach out to your employer to discuss terms.

If you are in a situation where you are dealing with allegations of violating a clause within your contract, such as a non-compete agreement, we can also review your contract/non-compete agreement and provide you with representation related to the enforceability of the said agreement.

Why Should I Have My Employment Contract Reviewed by a Toledo Employment Agreements Lawyer?

Working with a lawyer to review your employment contract will only benefit you in the long term. An employment contract lawyer can serve as legal counsel for everything employment-related, from reviewing your contract to handling negotiations on your behalf.

The terms in employment contracts can become complicated, and a lawyer can provide expert guidance during the review process and during negotiations. Having a lawyer who has expertise in employment contracts review yours will give you a deeper understanding of what you are signing and ensure that a legal expert is on your side if you wish to pursue negotiations for different terms.

Key Employment Contract Clauses to Review

An employment contract is a legally binding document that requires careful review. Some key employment contract clauses that may be included in your employment contract include:

  • The term of employment (your dates of employment)
  • Specific job duties and responsibilities
  • The compensation you will receive, including salary, benefits, and potential stock options
  • Descriptions of non-compete agreements or non-solicitation agreements
  • Termination and an explanation of how each party can terminate the employment
  • Arbitration clauses and other venues for legal disputes
  • Benefits like health insurance, family leave, vacation time, and PTO
  • Confidentiality and trade secret provisions
  • Clauses related to work products, patents, or intellectual property that may be created during your employment

This is a non-exhaustive list of contract clauses that you will want to review – no matter the industry you are working in or the level of your position.

An employment contract review lawyer will ensure that all the terms and conditions included in your employment contract are both beneficial to you and legally sound. It is important to know exactly what is included in your employment contract before you sign.

We are also able to negotiate for better terms to be included. These changes must be made prior to you signing the contract.

Common Employment Contract Violations

Understanding your employment contract is important, and so is having a general idea of some common employment contract violations that occur when either the employee or employer fails to uphold what the contract dictates.

Some employment contract breaches include:

  • An employer paying less than what was agreed to or not at all
  • An employer does not provide promised benefits
  • An employer does not follow termination guidelines
  • An employee does not carry out the job duties they agreed to perform
  • An employee discloses confidential information covered by an NDA

When it comes to employment contract violations, either party can claim that the other is in breach.

Taking your concerns about potential contract violations to an executive employment contract lawyer is recommended. We will evaluate your case and guide you through the next steps.

Connect With an Experienced Executive Employment Contract Lawyer

Your employment contract is important. As a law firm that solely specializes in employment law, The Friedmann Firm is here to ensure that your contract is fair to you and that you fully understand the different provisions included.

With provisions like non-compete agreements, termination terms, and compensation details included in employment contracts, having an experienced employment contract lawyer on your side can go a long way to ensure that you understand your contract and that you are complying with each provision.

To schedule a free and confidential consultation with one of our employment contract attorneys in Toledo, Ohio, contact us online or over the phone at 440-703-8550.