Aug 02, 2016
By admin

“From start to finish, my expectations were met or exceeded by Pete and Rachel at The Friedmann Firm. They made sure I was well informed throughout the course of the process, before and during the trial. Reflecting back, from time to time, it seemed to be an uphill battle that was never going to end or quit pulling on my thoughts, heart and family. On top of that, I had to regroup and start with a new company (same area of business and services).

I was wrongfully terminated. The Friedmann Firm was my backbone at my lowest time. After all of this, we went head-to-head with a large company at trial. The Friedmann Firm put all of the facts and timelines together, and uncovered every corned of the case, leaving no stone unturned. Pete was able to pinpoint everything to the jury, without a doubt. Finally, the truth was revealed and it was so refreshing to hear, see and feel the jury return a verdict in our favor. To me, The Friedmann Firm is the total package in terms of professionalism with compassion for others, and a work ethic that is second to none. I just wanted to say thank you.”