Aug 04, 2016
By Peter Friedmann

If you are an employee in the State of Ohio, you may be offered a severance package by your employer.  The Ohio Severance Lawyers at The Friedmann Firm are experienced and well versed in negotiating and reviewing severance packages.  If your employment relationship has ended in Ohio and you’ve been presented with a severance agreement, please contact us today to review the Agreement and advise you as to whether we believe you may be able to obtain additional severance pay.

The Columbus Employment Lawyers at The Friedmann Firm frequently negotiate additional severance for our clients, beyond what was initially offered.  There are a variety of ways to negotiate additional severance and our attorneys will always be your best advocate during that process. Our Ohio Severance Lawyers can negotiate a neutral reference for you, so you may move forward in your employment search without worrying if a termination will be on your employment record.  We can ensure you receive health coverage during the severance period, so you have piece of mind while you look for new employment.  The employment lawyers in our centrally located Columbus, Ohio, office will also advise you as to what the terms of the Agreement mean, providing a comprehensive and easy to understand explanation of all legal terminology.  We want you to feel at ease during your transition and will do everything we can to make the process as seamless and comfortable for you as possible.  It is very important you retain an attorney to review your severance agreement because such agreements typically contain waivers that require you to forfeit your rights to sue your former employer.  Contact an Ohio Severance lawyer at The Friedmann Firm today to assist you.