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The Ohio severance negotiation attorneys at The Friedmann Firm review severance agreements and negotiate the terms of severance agreements.

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When you leave your job, you are often left facing a stressful and challenging period of time as you try to figure out your next career steps. Your employer may offer a severance package at the time of your separation or when you signed your employment contract at the start of your job. A severance package, which will include details like pay, benefits, and other resources that an employee will receive once they leave their role, is meant to help make the transition out of your position easier.

But before signing off on a severance package, it is prudent to speak with a severance package attorney near you. We can help you to understand what exactly is included in your severance package, explain Ohio severance pay laws to you, and even help negotiate for a better severance package.

The Friedmann Firm is a severance package law firm based in Columbus, Ohio with offices located in other major cities, like Cleveland and Cincinnati. As a labor and employment law firm, our team of severance package negotiation lawyers is here to assist employees throughout Ohio with all manner of employment law, including severance packages.

If you have been offered a severance package, please reach out to our severance negotiation attorneys for assistance. We will be able to determine if we can take your case on and how we can best help.

Severance Negotiation Attorneys from The Friedmann Firm

The Ohio severance negotiation attorneys at The Friedmann Firm review severance agreements and negotiate the terms of severance agreements regularly. If you’ve recently been released from your employment and your employer has presented you with a severance agreement, it is of the utmost importance to have that agreement reviewed by a Columbus severance agreement attorney.

Employers offer severance packages to employees for a variety of reasons. But it is important to note that your employer is under no obligation to provide you severance pay if your employment is terminated, but they can choose to provide severance pay in appropriate situations.

You want to ensure you understand the terms of the agreement and be sure you are not waiving any rights you do not intend to waive. Be aware that most severance agreements do require you to waive your right to sue your former employer in exchange for the compensation provided in the severance agreement.

What can our Columbus severance agreement lawyers do for you?

As a negotiated severance package law firm, our team of attorneys can help you with a number of key things when you have been offered a severance package. Some key things we do for you include:

  • Negotiate the amount of severance offered to you
  • Explain every provision of the agreement so you understand what you are giving up in exchange for accepting the severance payment
  • Negotiate the terms of the severance agreement, including extended medical, vision, and dental benefits, outplacement assistance programs, neutral reference, profit-sharing options, and stock options

Negotiating for terms like a neutral reference can be extremely beneficial, especially once you are looking for new work.

A neutral reference is an integral part of a severance agreement because it provides you an opportunity to start fresh while you seek out other employment. A neutral reference can take many forms but typically includes the former employer providing your dates of employment, job title, and rate of pay only to future employers. The great thing about a neutral reference is it does not contain any information about why you left your former employer. Therefore, if you were terminated, a neutral reference alleviates your obligation to disclose that information to potential employers.

You will likely need a Columbus severance package negotiation lawyer to negotiate this for you, as it is not typically offered unless you request it. When it comes to a severance package, having the expertise that our negotiated severance package law firm brings to the table can be invaluable – especially as there may be specific things that you will not know to ask about during negotiations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I negotiate a severance package?

We recommend negotiating a severance agreement, especially because severance packages are legal documents. A severance package can be negotiated at either the start of your employment or at the end of your employment. They are enforceable by law and lay out important details about what kind of severance pay and benefits you will receive should you be severed from your employer.

Negotiating a severance package is crucial. Once it is signed by both parties, it is a binding legal document. Negotiating gives you time to fully understand what you are signing and allows you and a severance package negotiation lawyer to ensure that the agreement is beneficial to you.

You may be able to negotiate an increase in severance pay or adjust the terms to be more in line with what you want or need from the package.

What if I’m offered severance and I’m over 40?

If you are offered severance in Ohio and you are over 40 years old, the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act (OWBPA) applies to you. The OWBPA is an Ohio law that dictates that employees over 40 must be given at least 21 days to sign a severance agreement and another 7 days after that signature to revoke the agreement. If your employer does not give you at least 21 days to consider the severance agreement and you are 40 or older, your employer has violated the law.

It would be wise to have an Ohio severance agreement law firm review your severance agreement. We can also discuss the circumstances surrounding your termination with you and determine if you were terminated unlawfully. Additionally, if you have not been offered severance but the circumstances surrounding your termination are suspicious or potentially unlawful, we can request severance on your behalf and negotiate the terms of that severance.

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