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What is Workplace Retaliation?

Retaliation is when your employer takes a retaliatory action against you, usually suspension or termination, because you engaged in a “protected activity,” such as reporting sexual harassment, opposing discrimination, opposing the failure to pay minimum wage or overtime wages or opposition to unlawful conduct performed by the employer (whistleblowing). If you believe that you may be a victim of workplace retaliation, contact a Columbus employment retaliation lawyer online or at 614.610.9755 for a free and confidential consultation.

Do you think you need an Columbus Ohio employment retaliation lawyer?

It is unlawful for an employer to retaliate against an employee for engaging in a protected activity. To prevail on a claim for unlawful retaliation, the employee’s retaliation lawyer must prove:

  • He or she engaged in a “protected activity”
  • The employee suffered an adverse job action, like termination, demotion, or suspension
  • The employer took the adverse job action because the employee engaged in a “protected activity”

What should I do if my employer retaliates against me?

Contact an Ohio employment attorney immediately. Many legal remedies are bound by strict time limitations, so if you wait too long, you could forfeit your claims.

What if I oppose discrimination of someone else and my employer retaliates against me?

 You are protected from retaliation. If you stand up for someone else who is being subjected to unlawful conduct, you are still protected. Reporting the unlawful conduct to your employer is still considered a “protected activity” even though you were not the one who was subjected to the unlawful conduct. It is important to make sure the employer has knowledge that you reported the unlawful conduct. Anonymous reports are not enough.

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