Race Discrimination Attorneys Columbus, Ohio

We are experienced and aggressive race discrimination lawyers in Columbus, Ohio. Our Ohio race discrimination law firm protects employees who have been discriminated against based on race or national origin. Discrimination can take many forms, such as discrimination based on race, national origin, pregnancy, disability, religion, gender and age. If you feel you’ve been judged by your race and not your qualifications, abilities and job performance, you need to contact a Columbus race discrimination lawyer to discuss your situation.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Ohio’s laws against discrimination prohibit employers from discriminating against employees based on race and national origin. Therefore, an employer may not take race or national origin into consideration when doing any of the following: hiring, firing, promoting and setting compensation or other terms and conditions of employment (like benefits, bonus structure, etc.).

There are generally two basic types of race, national origin and/or color discrimination claims. First, you may bring a claim for disparate treatment discrimination, which occurs when race is a motivating factor in how an employer treats individual employees. Next, you may bring a claim for disparate impact discrimination, which occurs when an employer’s purported neutral policy or practice has a significant negative impact at least one racial group and the policy or practice is either not job-related and consistent with a business necessity or there is a less discriminatory alternative that the employer has refused to adopt it. If you are encountering any of these issues at work, you will need a Columbus race discrimination attorney to help you.

If you are encountering discrimination based on race, color or national origin, you need to inform your employer, in writing. If you need help with how to do this, call a race discrimination attorney in Columbus, Ohio at The Friedmann Firm and we will walk you through the process. After you’ve done that, the employer must act reasonably and quickly to address your concerns and remedy the discrimination if it is indeed taking place.

It is unlawful for an employer to retaliate against an individual for opposing employment practices that discriminate based on race, color or national origin or for filing a discrimination charge, testifying, or participating in any way in an investigation, proceeding, or litigation under Title VII or Ohio laws against discrimination.

It is often confusing for an employee to understand the proper steps for ensuring protection under the law after complaining about discrimination, so we encourage any person who may believe he or she is being discriminated against to contact one of our Columbus, Ohio race discrimination attorneys for a free consultation.

Retaliation can include firing, suspension, demotion, pay decrease and several others. If your boss is “targeting you” after you opposed unlawful discrimination based on race, color or national origin, you may have a case. Our Columbus employment discrimination attorneys can help you with this as well. If you have been retaliated against for opposing employment practices that discriminate based on race, call our race discrimination lawyers in Columbus today.