Hostile Work Environment Lawyer Columbus, Ohio

What does an Ohio hostile work environment mean?

Hostile work environment occurs when any harassment or discriminatory conduct has the purpose of or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance, creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.

The conduct must be “sufficiently severe or pervasive” enough to cause a hostile work environment. Isolated comments are NOT enough.  This definition is confusing and is constantly changing so contact a hostile work environment lawyer in Columbus, Ohio today.

 Who can report a hostile work environment in Ohio?

  • The victim can report a hostile work environment but others who are not subjected to the harassment can report it as well.
  • The victim can be someone who is not directly subjected to the sexual harassment but is someone that because of the conduct directed at another person (usually a co-worker) is subjected to a hostile work environment.
  • If you feel you are being subjected to a hostile work environment, report it to your employer immediately. Make sure you document your report, to substantiate your claims and for proof that you reported.

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