Employment Contract Lawyer Columbus Ohio

If you need help understanding or negotiating your employment contract, the Columbus employment contract lawyers at the Friedmann Firm can help you. We frequently assist employees with employment contracts by negotiating the terms of employment contracts and explaining what the terms of the employment contract mean in the employment context. It is important you understand your rights and obligations under an employment contract before you enter into it. Employment contracts that govern employment typically contain provisions related to the following information:

  • Compensation, including salary and benefits
  • The term of employment (dates of employment)
  • Specific job duties and responsibilities
  • Termination and explanation of how each party can terminate employment
  • Description of non-compete clauses
  • Arbitration clause and/or venue for legal disputes
  • Provisions related to employer’s confidential information and trade secrets
  • Provisions related to patents and/or work products created during employment

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Non-Compete Agreements

In addition to reviewing your employment agreement, our attorneys also review non-compete agreements, and non-solicitation agreements and represent employees in relation to the enforceability of non-compete agreements. Whether a non-compete agreement is enforceable depends on a number of factors specific to each situation. You will need an attorney who is well versed in the review of employment contracts to tell you whether or not your non-compete agreement is enforceable, based on the specific facts that apply to your employment.

The three factors that are more important to this inquiry are geographic scope (for example, a non-compete that covers 300 miles), duration of non-compete (example: three years), and business functions. In Ohio, whether a non-compete is enforceable depends on whether its provisions are “reasonable,” according to Ohio law. For example, if you are prohibited from competing with your former employer for a radius of 600 miles, an argument can likely be made that the geographic scope is unreasonable and therefore unenforceable. Your former employer may be attempting to restrict the type of duties you can perform for your new employer. Our Columbus non-compete agreement lawyers can review the provisions of your agreement and tell you whether or not it is likely to be enforceable.

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If you are allegedly in violation of a non-compete agreement, you will need a Columbus employment contract lawyer to represent you. Your former employer will likely begin by sending a cease-and-desist letter to you, demanding that you cease any behavior that violates the non-compete, such as working for a competitor or soliciting your old clients. If you do not cease and desist, your employer may file a lawsuit against you and ask the Court for a preliminary injunction, a tool to prohibit you from violating the non-compete agreement. If a preliminary injunction is granted, it could affect your employment status with the new employer. With the assistance of one of our Columbus employment contract lawyers, we will ensure you comply with only those provisions that are reasonable according to Ohio law. Your former employer should not dictate the terms and conditions of your future employment if its requests are not reasonable.

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