EEOC & OCRC Discrimination Lawyers in Columbus, Ohio

If you are going through the EEOC or OCRC process in Columbus, Ohio, it is very helpful to have an experienced Ohio EEOC attorney to help you, guide you and advise you. By now, you probably already know that in order to file a lawsuit for a majority of employment discrimination claims, you must first file a Charge of Discrimination with the EEOC or OCRC and obtain the Right to Sue before you can file a lawsuit. You must do this if you are bringing any federal employment discrimination claims.

After you file the Charge of Discrimination, the EEOC or OCRC may offer you the option of mediation. If you are offered mediation, you should always have a Columbus Ohio EEOC attorney to represent you throughout the process. Mediation is a chance for you and the representatives from your former employer to sit down and discuss the facts surrounding your Charge of Discrimination. The EEOC representative will likely inform you of your employer’s side of the story. The Ohio EEOC process can be very valuable, as it gives you the ability to anticipate what evidence your employer may present later if you file a lawsuit. Your former employer will likely have an attorney as well and it is important you are not taken advantage of throughout the process. If the EEOC offers mediation and either you or the employer does not want to participate, the EEOC can investigate your claims against the employer and issue a finding as to whether or not the law was violated. A EEOC lawyer in Columbus, Ohio can help you with this as well.

The Ohio EEOC and OCRC process are extremely important. You will be bound by any information you include in the Charge of Discrimination and by any information or documents you provide to the EEOC. If you are not well versed in the EEOC and OCRC process, you may make a mistake that you cannot take back once you file a lawsuit. There are several reasons why it is of vital importance to have representation throughout the EEOC process. Your attorney can also speed up the process by requesting the Right to Sue from the EEOC, so you can file your federal and state law discrimination claims in the same lawsuit.

If you have questions about the EEOC or OCRC process in Columbus, contact our Columbus EEOC lawyers today.