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We are experienced class action lawyers in Columbus, Ohio.   You may find several class action law firms in Columbus, Ohio but none will work as hard for you as The Friedmann Firm.

An Ohio class action lawsuit is slightly different than an Ohio collective action lawsuit. A class action lawsuit allows an employee to file a lawsuit on behalf of a larger group of similarly situated employees (hundreds and sometimes thousands) who have also been treated unlawfully in the same manner. Chances are, if you have been treated unfairly at work, other employees may have been treated unfairly in the same manner. If this is so, an Ohio class action lawsuit can address the harm caused to you and other employees.

The plaintiff in a class action is usually one person or a small group of people, employed by the same company, suffering the same legal violations. To decide whether to bring a class action lawsuit, our lawyers will investigate how many employees are affected by the unlawful activity, whether those people are subject to the same legal violation and whether the claims of each employee are similar enough to bring a class action lawsuit. If you want to work with one of the best class action law firm in Columbus, Ohio, call us today.

Examples of Ohio Class Actions:

  • Company failed to hire African American men and women into certain positions because of race.
  • Company discriminated against job applicants for a particular job, based on age, by specifically mandating applicants receive their college degree in a particular year.
  • Systematically failing to hire pregnant women into certain management positions or failing to promote pregnant women into management positions.

There are several other examples that are too numerous to describe. If you believe you have been discriminated against or treated unlawfully, contact the class action lawyers in Columbus, Ohio at The Friedmann Firm for help.

Ohio Collective Actions

Collective actions are similar to class actions, in that a single plaintiff or small number of plaintiffs represents the larger, similarly situated class. Ohio Collective actions deal ONLY with wage and hour violations. Typically, collective actions are brought pursuant to federal and state laws, specifically, the Fair Labor Standards Act and Ohio’s minimum wage laws (Article II § 34(a) of the Ohio Constitution and Ohio’s Minimum Fair Wage Standards Act (“OMFWSA”)). Our collective action lawyers in Columbus, Ohio, handle collective actions throughout the state and are well versed in wage and hour laws.

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Collective actions address a number of issues related to wage and hour law, such as unpaid minimum wage, unpaid overtime, worker misclassification, and wage theft. If you are being paid incorrectly and believe you are entitled to overtime pay, the unlawful pay practice likely affects other employees. Columbus Ohio collective action lawyers at The Friedmann Firm will walk you through the process and answer all of your questions. We are skilled at recovering unpaid wages and overtime for Ohio’s employees and pride ourselves on quick resolution when possible.