How to Win in EEOC Employment Discrimination Mediation

Jul 08, 2021
By Peter Friedmann
Hostile Work Environment EEOC

When it comes to an Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) mediation, there are a few ways to improve your overall chances of coming to a favorable resolution.

An EEOC mediation comes about after an EEOC charge is filed. If both parties agree to participate, then the EEOC may hold a mediation. An EEOC mediation has the potential to resolve an EEOC employment discrimination complaint without needing to move to litigation. Coming prepared with an EEOC lawyer, reasonable expectations, and the correct paperwork makes all the difference.

From working with an experienced EEOC lawyer to approaching an EEOC employment discrimination with a professional attitude, we will discuss some meaningful tips below on how you approach your EEOC mediation.

Work with a Qualified EEOC Lawyer

When it comes to an EEOC employment discrimination complaint, working with an experienced EEOC lawyer is especially important. Filing an EEOC employment discrimination complaint does not necessarily mean that your case will move to litigation in court. So you might wonder what an EEOC lawyer can do in relation to an EEOC mediation.

An EEOC lawyer can offer insight, counsel, and maximize the potential of a favorable outcome from an EEOC mediation. And while hiring an EEOC lawyer is not required, either party involved in mediation is permitted to have one.

An experienced EEOC lawyer, like those with the Friedmann Firm, has an understanding of employment law. Employment law ranges from the federal level to the state level and can often be complex.

The employer who comes into an EEOC employment discrimination mediation will likely have their own attorney. So working with an EEOC lawyer early on ensures that you have your own representation going into the mediation. You will want to be on the same playing field as the employer.

Prepare Relevant Documentation for Your EEOC Employment Discrimination Mediation

When you go into an EEOC mediation, another key factor is to make sure that you have prepared all of the relevant documentation. While, ideally, employers will be honest during an EEOC mediation, it is best to go in fully prepared to correct them if necessary.

An EEOC lawyer will be able to help you identify information and documentation that can be useful to have on hand during an EEOC mediation as well. They can help to identify any documentation like emails, paperwork, and other documents that are relevant to your EEOC employment discrimination complaint.

Approach the EEOC Mediation Prepared

Once the EEOC mediation is set to occur, be sure to approach it as prepared as possible. An EEOC mediation can occur during an EEOC employment discrimination investigation or conciliation, so working with an EEOC lawyer to get all of your information prepared can ensure that you go into the mediation ready at any time.

An EEOC mediation will be handled by a mediator, who will attempt to help both parties come to an amicable resolution. So, go into the mediation with the same professional approach that you would have in a court proceeding.

The Friedmann Firm – EEOC Lawyers

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