How an Ohio Employment Attorney Can Help You?

Sep 09, 2016
By Peter Friedmann
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Workers and business owners can both benefit from consulting with a Columbus, Ohio, employment lawyer. An attorney who knows federal labor laws, antidiscrimination rules, and state regulations regarding wages and working conditions can help a worker understand when taking legal action makes sense. At the same time, an employment lawyer in Columbus can advise an employer on how to prevent problems that give rise to employment complaints and lawsuits.

Rights and obligations regarding employment are defined in numerous U.S. laws, regulations enforced by federal agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Ohio statutes, and rules administered by offices like the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. Cases can arise from actual or perceived violations of those myriad pieces of legislation and regulations regarding

  • Withholding overtime pay
  • Misclassifying employees in order to pay them unfairly for the types of work they do
  • Offering exploitative employment contracts
  • Terminating an employee without a sufficient, legal cause
  • Committing or allowing discrimination based on race, sex/gender, age, religion, national origin, ethnicity, pregnancy or military status
  • Refusing to rehire an employee who returns from active military duty
  • Retaliating against a worker (e.g., firing, demoting) for exercising a protected right like reporting labor or regulatory violations, going to a human resources representative about a hostile workplace, or unionizing
  • Allowing a hostile work environment to develop and persist by not correcting discrimination and/or harassment
  • Committing or taking no action on sexual harassment
  • Refusing legitimate requests for time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act

Complaints involving any of the listed activities can lead to mediation, arbitration, or a court case between an employee and his or her employer. Managers and supervisors can also be named as defendants in employment cases. All parties to such a dispute will benefit from working with a knowledgeable and experienced employment lawyer who can advise them on collecting, interpreting, and presenting evidence. A plaintiff employee can also seek advice on settlement offers and have their employment lawyer represent them during hearings.

A worker who believes he or she has grounds for an employment case must keep two more things in mind regarding the wisdom of seeking out the services of a Columbus employment lawyer. First, the employer will definitely retain legal counsel. Leveling the playing field, and ensuring that one’s rights and interests are protected at all times, requires hiring your own attorney.

Second, each employment case is decided on its own merits. Keeping up with court decisions on an almost daily basis, tracing the evolution of employment laws and regulations, and understanding how certain courts approach different issues are all keys to succeeding with a complaint over unfair, illegal, or discriminatory employment practices. A plaintiff can count on an ethical and dedicated attorney to do all the things necessary to increase the chances for achieving the best results.

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