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Executive compensation packages can be complex offers that executive level employees receive from their employers based on job services performed or during the job offer process.

To help you understand the terms of such a package, The Friedmann Firm equity compensation attorneys in Columbus, Ohio are here to review and negotiate for you to ensure you receive the compensation and protection you deserve. We will also hold your employer accountable if they have violated previous agreements related to your equity and stock options.

With our specialization in employment law, we are here to help you – no matter the industry.

Equity and Stock Compensation Employment Lawyers in Columbus

The Friedmann Firm team of Columbus stock option lawyers for employees are here to make sure that you understand all you need about executive compensation and stock options. We work with executive employees to ensure that you fully understand the possible rewards, limitations, and risks that come with any kind of equity compensation that your employer is offering.

While we ensure that you understand all that you are being offered, we will also review and negotiate your executive compensation package on your behalf. With years of experience in handling employment contracts and executive negotiations, one of our equity compensation attorneys will be able to take you through the complete process.

What is Equity Compensation?

Equity compensation consists of any kind of non-cash payment that an employer offers to its employees. This kind of compensation will typically be an offer of shares in the company or the option to buy shares.

The different types of equity compensation can include stock options, performance shares, and more – with stock options being one of the most common. Each of these options represents a form of ownership in the business for the employees.

Equity compensation is an employment benefit that is offered by a wide range of public companies and some private companies, such as startup businesses where this compensation may be offered to help supplement traditional compensation.

If you have been offered equity compensation from your employer, it can be extremely beneficial to have a stock option agreement lawyer in Columbus, OH take a look at your employment offer. We can help explain what your individual equity compensation means for you and provide advice on how to proceed.

Common Types of Equity Compensation

There are a few different types of equity compensation that you may be offered by your employer. Common types include:

  1. Non-qualified stock options (NSO): an employee stock option where an employee will be taxed at the ordinary income tax rate on any profit they make off of the shares. NSOs can be offered to employees, contractors, and consultants.
  2. Incentive stock options (ISO): a stock option that offers employees the chance to buy shares of the company they work for, often at a discounted price. ISOs are typically taxed at the capital gains rate as opposed to the ordinary income tax rate.
  3. Restricted stock: a form of equity compensation that issues non-transferable shares in a company to employees. These shares have conditions tied to them about when an employee can sell them and they typically have a vesting period of several years.
  4. Performance shares: a stock share that is awarded to employees who are managers or who work at the executive level when certain criteria are met in regard to the business’s overall performance.

Take the time to review any offers by having a lawyer review the stock options agreement that you are presented with.

We understand the legal considerations that you as an employee should keep in mind when it comes to equity compensation and stock offers, especially as you move further in your career.

Equity compensation offers can be complex and our executive equity compensation lawyers in Columbus are here to help ensure that you understand the options and terms presented to you.

Terminating Right to Stock Options Through a Severance Agreement

If you find yourself facing termination, your equity and stock compensation will be an important factor that you’ll want to ensure is included in any severance agreement your employer offers.

Sometimes an employer may offer a less than satisfactory severance agreement that leaves out important details or neglects prior benefits to which you were entitled.

That is where an experienced stock option agreement lawyer in Columbus, Ohio will provide value in counseling. We work to protect your rights and equity compensation and ensure that you leave your position with what you are owed.

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Even if you already feel you have a top-notch understanding of equity and stock options, seeking out additional legal counsel at key turns in your career can make a significant difference in value.

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