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Executive employees have certain rights under federal and state law that can be a little confusing at times. Our Columbus executive employment contract lawyers are here to help explain your rights as an executive employee, negotiate employment contracts, and provide you with legal representation. 

As an executive employee, your job may involve being responsible for the general administration of a business.  Executive employees have a high level of responsibility and are typically compensated accordingly.  Therefore, the employment contract for an executive employee is very important, as it dictates the terms of employment, compensation, benefits, bonuses, and any other terms or conditions of employment as an executive employee.

As an executive employee, state and federal law apply to you, meaning that your employer must comply with the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA), the ADA, the FMLA, and other laws.

Skilled Legal Representation in All Executive Employment Matters

The Friedmann Firm team is solely dedicated to employment law, including executive employment law in Ohio. We handle a wide variety of employment-related issues for executive employees including:

  • Job offers and terms sheets
  • Employment contracts (revisions and negotiations)
  • Compensation and bonuses
  • Employee equity
  • Severance and termination
  • Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements
  • Retention and change of control
  • Stock options and restricted stock

Keep in mind this is a non-exhaustive list of executive employment matters that our team can assist with. Our Columbus employment attorney representation for CEOs, managers, and other executive employees is backed by years of experience within the employment law space.

Serving Executives in Employment Law Throughout Ohio

Our dedicated team of attorneys understands how stressful it can be to encounter problems in the workplace – from discrimination and harassment that constitute a hostile work environment, discovering that you have been misclassified as exempt when you are actually non-exempt, or handling negotiations for an employment contract or severance agreement.

At The Friedmann Firm, our team of executive employment contract lawyers in Columbus, OH is solely dedicated to ensuring that all employees are treated fairly and legally at work and that you receive the most favorable compensation and benefits package as an executive-level employee.

For executive employees at any level, we can negotiate employment contracts and the various provisions they include and ensure that your workplace is adhering to policies governing equal pay.

It is common for executives to be responsible for ensuring that the business functions well, including making hiring decisions, developing policies, and making key legal and financial decisions.  A Columbus executive employment attorney from our law firm will provide legal insight as you consider accepting a new executive-level role or when you are transitioning out of an executive-level role.

What Does the FLSA Mean for Me as an Executive Employee?

The FLSA is a federal law that provides all non-exempt employees with certain protections such as the assurance that they will be paid at least the federal minimum wage and other areas like overtime pay and record keeping.

There are certain exemptions possible under the FLSA. These exemptions include administrative, computer employee, and professional exemptions.  Many executive-level positions will fall within an exemption to the FLSA, meaning you will not be entitled to overtime if you are employed in an executive-level position.

The executive exemption under the FLSA means that if your primary duties are of a managerial or executive nature, you could be exempt from the FLSA. Examples of executive duties per the FLSA include:

  • Customarily and regularly directs the work of at least two other full-time employees or the equivalent;
  • Having the authority to hire and fire other employees; and
  • Recommendations with regard to hiring and firing are given significant weight.

Sometimes employers may misclassify exempt employees as non-exempt and vice versa.

Our Columbus employment lawyers for executives can help to determine your FLSA status if you think you may have been misclassified.

To read more on FLSA exemptions, see our post here.

CEO Employment Contract Law

Employment contracts for CEOs serve as legal contracts between an employee and an employer to outline the details of their working relationship. These contracts often cover compensation, benefits, stock options, bonus structure, vacation time, protocol if termination or resignation occurs, etc.

These agreements and contracts are typically created when a new executive joins a company or when they receive a promotion into a new role or receive more responsibility in a current role.

Common topics to expect in an executive employment contract include:

  • Scope of employment, including job duties
  • Compensation
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Details on equity, severance, and taxes
  • Start date
  • Stock options

Before signing a new contract, consult with a Columbus executive employment attorney to see how we can help negotiate your contract.

What Rights Do I Have if I’m a High Income Employee Who Has Been Unfairly Dismissed?

As a high-income employee who believes they have been wrongfully terminated, it is important to know that you do have legal rights. In most states, including Ohio, employment is considered “at-will.” At-will employment means that an employer can fire or dismiss an employee for any reason, at any time so long as the reason is not illegal.

This means that even if you feel the reason was unfair, you can still be fired as long as the reason was legal.

For a termination to be considered wrongful, the termination must be illegal or violate public policy. Examples of wrongful termination include:

  • Being fired for complaining about discrimination or harassment
  • Being fired based on a protected characteristic such as race, gender, or disability status
  • Being fired for taking time to serve in the military, serve jury duty, or even whistleblowing on illegal activities

This is a non-exhaustive list.  We can help you determine if you are facing a case of wrongful termination with our experience in handling executive employment law in Ohio.

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One of our experienced executive agreement lawyers for Columbus, Ohio clients will be able to assist you in a range of areas including severance negotiations and agreements, employment contracts, non-compete agreements, and more.

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