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Micro mobility modes of transportation have risen in popularity over the last few decades, including electric scooters. In 2017, there were no electric scooter systems (a scooter-sharing system that provides transportation services to users, typically through short-term rental) in the United States. But according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, there were 300 scooter systems as of 2022.

With a clearly growing rise in the popularity of electric scooters, comes a rise in concern over their usage. Legislation has been passed to help guide electric scooter usage and address concerns. In 2018, Mayor Andrew J. Ginther enacted some of the first rules in Columbus to address shared transportation devices like scooters such as a minimum age requirement and designating riding areas.

But even with legislation, accidents can occur between riders, pedestrians, and other motorists, leaving people with injuries that range from minor to severe. Just as with a car accident, anyone who is dealing with injuries from a scooter accident through no fault of their own may be eligible to pursue a personal injury case.

This is where our team from The Friedmann Firm comes in. Our top-rated scooter accident attorneys in Columbus, Ohio work with individuals who have been hurt due to the negligence of another’s actions. We are here to ensure that you understand your rights following the accident and to help take you through the claims process – allowing you to focus on your recovery.

Why Do You Need a Columbus Electric Scooter Accident Lawyer?

There are a number of key reasons for you to work with a scooter injury lawyer in Columbus, Ohio. Perhaps most importantly, you will be able to focus on your recovery following the accident as opposed to having to spend your time working on navigating your case and the legal system. Other reasons we highly recommended to work with one of our electric scooter accident attorneys include:

  1. We will work to gather all the relevant evidence for your case. This will include eyewitness testimony, medical reports of your injuries, and photos and videos from the accident scene if possible.
  2. We can answer any questions you may have during any step of the legal process, from our initial consultation to after we have filed your claim.
  3. With experience and knowledge of all relevant laws that relate to scooter accidents, we ensure that we meet all necessary deadlines and that your claim is filed properly.
  4. We also handle negotiations with insurance companies. Insurance companies in personal injury cases may represent the at-fault party or the scooter company itself, who sometimes may be held liable for the accident.

An experienced rental scooter accident attorney in Columbus provides you with skilled legal representation and valuable insight into the newer regulations surrounding electric scooters.

You have the right to seek compensation for your injuries following an accident and we are here to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Common Causes of Scooter Accidents in Columbus?

While electric scooters offer many people a quick and efficient way to explore cities like Columbus, they also result in different accidents that impact riders, pedestrians, and others. Some of the most common causes of scooter accidents include:

  • Road hazards such as construction debris, potholes, uneven surfaces, and riders trying to avoid crashes with other vehicles and pedestrians
  • Vehicle drivers hitting scooter riders
  • Riders hitting pedestrians on the sidewalk
  • Scooter defects such as malfunctioning brakes, wheels locking up, and rider ejections
  • Pedestrians tripping over parked scooters
  • Reckless riding

No matter how a scooter accident is caused, it can be important to contact a scooter accident attorney in Columbus. We understand the developing laws around electric scooters, such as new bills that require scooter rental companies to maintain liability insurance, and we can look at the details of your case and help determine if you have grounds for a personal injury claim.

What Are Common Injuries Related to Scooter Accidents?

Electric scooters have an average speed of 15 to 30 miles. And while that may not seem that fast, it is certainly fast enough to leave people with a variety of injuries that range from minor to severe. Some of those injuries include:

Broken and fractured bones Spinal cord injuries
Sprains, strains, cuts, and bruises Dislocated limbs
Serious soft tissue injuries (ankles, elbows, wrists, etc.) Head injuries such as concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBI)

Just like with any accident involving a vehicle, it can be important to seek medical attention. Even if you do not feel like you have any injuries, you may have injuries that are not as apparent as something like a broken arm or visible cuts.

What Should I Do After a Scooter Accident?

After a scooter accident, you should stay at the scene and seek medical attention as soon as possible. You’ll also want to:

  1. File a police report.
  2. Collect evidence such as photos and videos of the scene.
  3. Gather contact information of any eyewitnesses.
  4. Connect with a scooter accident lawyer in Columbus, Ohio.

Sometimes establishing who is at fault in a scooter accident isn’t always simple, so these steps will ultimately help support your case by establishing important details of the accident.

Who is Liable for a Motorized Scooter Accident?

Determining who is liable for a scooter accident will depend on each individual case. Some common parties that may be considered liable depending on case factors include:

  • The electric scooter rental company
  • The scooter rider
  • The driver of a car or truck
  • The pedestrian at fault
  • The city (i.e. the city is responsible for road maintenance and upkeep such as handling potholes, etc.)

With a wide range of different types of scooter accidents that can potentially happen, the liable party will be determined based on evidence collected and by proving negligence.


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Following an electric scooter accident where you suffered injuries through no fault of your own, speaking with a Columbus electric scooter lawyer is recommended. We can look over the details of your case and help you figure out the next steps in seeking compensation for your injuries as you focus on recovery.

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