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Our law firm handles personal injury claims on behalf of dog bite victims in Ohio. Dog bites are an extremely common type of personal injury case, with thousands of people being bitten each year who require medical treatment. In most cases, the dog owner will be held responsible for any injuries to another person that are caused by their dog. If you have questions about how to proceed with a dog bite case, our law firm is here to offer you consultation.

Dog bites can occur unexpectedly and can be inflicted by any breed of dog, resulting in injuries ranging from minor to severe, depending on the circumstances. Despite potentially being your first encounter with a dog bite, such incidents are unfortunately common occurrences faced by many. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are bitten by dogs each year. According to the CDC, nearly 334,000 people are admitted to emergency room departments in the US with dog bite-related injuries.

These numbers highlight the fact that dog bite-related injuries are all too common in the United States. While dogs are typically very friendly and loving pets, sometimes a dog that feels threatened or scared can lead to a dog biting you out of fear, often resulting in injury. Occasionally, a dog may be considered vicious or dangerous, requiring their owners to take extra precautions to contain them within their home or yard compared to other dogs.

In the event of a dog bite, whether due to negligence on the part of the owner or another responsible party such as a dog walker, kennel operator, or property owner, you may have grounds to seek compensation. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries from a dog bite incident, do not hesitate to contact The Friedmann Firm. You are not alone in pursuing compensation from the liable party.

Our team of dog bite injury lawyers in Columbus, Ohio are dedicated to assisting you through the complicated process of filing a personal injury claim. If we accept your case, we will advocate for your right to seek fair compensation for your injuries.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Dog owners and other individuals left in charge of dogs, such as kennel boarders and dog walkers, bear the responsibility to monitor the animals in their care. This ensures both the safety of the owners and those around them – including the dogs themselves. Responsible pet owners should ensure their dogs are trained, vaccinated, and capable of socializing safely.

However, accidents can still occur, even with responsible dog owners, or in cases of negligence. In such instances, a dog may bite someone else, resulting in injuries that can range from minor to severe.

Some of the most common dog bite injuries include:

  • Cuts, scrapes, and bruises
  • Puncture wounds
  • Broken bones
  • Nerve damage
  • Ligament, muscle, or tendon damage
  • Eye injuries, including potential loss of sight
  • Facial injuries, including disfigurement
  • Loss of limb
  • Lacerations and scarring
  • Rabies
  • Viral or bacterial infections

Injuries from a dog bite can vary from minor cuts and scrapes to those with lifelong impacts on health, such as loss of limb or nerve damage.

Compensation You May Recover from a Personal Injury Claim

As with any kind of unexpected injury, a dog bite injury can lead to medical expenses, loss of income, and other complications that place a financial burden on you. But when you seek a personal injury claim against the liable party for your injuries, there are a few different types of compensation that you may recover.

The damages you may recover include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Property damage

In the unfortunate cases of wrongful death, additional compensation may be available like funeral and burial costs.

If you have further questions about what potential damages you may be able to recover from your personal injury claim, please consult with one of our Columbus dog bite lawyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do after I have been bitten by a dog?

After a dog has bitten you, there are a few steps you will want to take. These include:

  1. Seek medical treatment. You may require a rabies or tetanus shot and your injuries will need to be treated by a medical provider.
  2. Get the dog owner’s information, including their name, contact information, and their dog’s history, such as their vaccination status.
  3. Take photos or videos of the dog, your injuries, and where the attack happened as sson as possible. This will serve as evidence in your case.
  4. Report the accident. You’ll typically want to report a dog bite to the police and be sure to keep a copy of the report.
  5. Consult with one of our dog bite injury lawyers in Columbus, Ohio. We can analyze the details of your case to determine if you have grounds for a case and provide you with experienced representation.

What can I expect to pay a Columbus pet injury attorney at The Friedmann Firm?

Here at The Friedmann Firm, we are proud to take many of our cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that we will not charge our clients anything until we have achieved an outcome that benefits them, such as a satisfactory financial settlement. Our fee, should we win your case, will come out of the final settlement.

When it comes to working on a contingency fee basis, our team will always clearly identify what percentage of a settlement or jury award we will take as our fee. The percentage will also be contained within our representation agreements, avoiding any confusion with what our fees could be.

Details that we take into account when we determine our final fee will include the complexity of a case and the circumstances of each client. To learn more about how we determine our fees, please reach out to schedule a consultation to speak with one of Columbus dog bite lawyers today.

Do I need to work with a Columbus dog bite accident lawyer if I have been bitten by someone else’s dog?

If you have been injured due to another person’s dog, you are free to pursue a personal injury claim on your own should you wish. However, given how complex personal injury cases can become, we recommend working with an experienced dog bite injury lawyer in Columbus, Ohio.

Working with a Columbus pet injury lawyer puts an expert in your corner who will specializes in handling all of the key details for your case. We will work to make sure that all of your relevant damages resulting from the dog bite are included in your claim, that your case meets all necessary deadlines, and that you do not accept a low settlement offer. We are here to help you receive the full amount of compensation you may be owed while you focus on your recovery.

Connect with a Columbus Dog Bite Accident Lawyer

Being bitten by a dog can leave you with unexpected injuries and recovery time. Dog bites can be traumatic and painful, even well after the injury occurs. If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog, you may have grounds to seek compensation. As soon as you start to think about taking legal action against the liable party for your injuries, be sure to reach out to a Columbus pet injury attorney.

Reach out to The Friedmann Firm today. Our team of experienced attorneys is here to help answer your questions, educate you on your rights, and provide you with aggressive representation should we take your case on. You can trust that The Friedmann Firm team is fully committed to helping you seek fair compensation for your injuries as we put our years of experience to work for you.

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