Contingency Lawyer for Employment

Working on Contingency Basis Gives Us an Incentive to Win Your Ohio Employment Law Case or Secure a Settlement

Employee rights attorneys with The Friedmann Firm proudly take a lot of our cases on a contingency basis. This means that we charge our clients nothing until we achieve an outcome that benefits them. In other words, our payment is contingent on achieving a satisfactory monetary settlement for our client.

Contingency fee representation is available for cases involving:

Based in Columbus, we have advised and represented workers across Ohio. We also handle collective and class action lawsuits, particularly for clients who have all worked for the same employer that cheated them out of pay and overtime.

How the Contingency Fee Works

We make it clear what percentage of a settlement or jury award we will take as our fee. That percentage is written into the representation contract we sign with each client so there is no confusion. We take the complexity of a case and the circumstances of the client into account when setting a fee for a specific case but we usually apply the same percentage to each case we take on a contingency fee basis.

When the case settles or a jury renders a verdict, the contingency fee that we retain comes out of the total settlement, with the client retaining the rest.  If we lose, the client does not owe us anything for the time we’ve spent litigating their case.  Ethical rules prohibit us from paying for the expenses to litigate your case.  Examples of expenses are: the filing fee to file the Complaint to begin the lawsuit, expenses for court reporters and deposition transcripts and expert witness fees (if the client agrees to retain an expert witness).

We can, however, front the cost of those expenses for you and reimburse ourselves once the case settles or once a jury renders a verdict.  Often, our clients assist with covering the actual expenses of their case by making payments whenever they are able to throughout the case.

Some cases have very minimal expenses and some cases have slightly higher expenses.  Talk to one of our attorneys to understand what you might be able to expect with regard to the expenses of your specific case.

Free Consultations Are Also Available

Call us at 614.610.9755 or reach out online to let us know if we can help you. Please know that you do not need to wait for the worst to happen before speaking with an employment law attorney.

Enlisting the advice and assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer as soon as you start thinking about taking legal action will clarify whether you have grounds for filing a complaint with an agency like the EEOC or pursuing a lawsuit. You can also acquire tips for gathering and organizing evidence of mistreatment without exposing yourself to further abuse or the loss of your job. We can answer your questions regarding applicable laws and point you toward resources for additional information and support even if you decide not hire us.