Should I Consult With an Employment Attorney to Protect My Small Business?

January 23, 2017
By Peter Friedmann
Consulting with a Columbus, Ohio, employment attorney can save a small business owner time, money, and frustration. Many federal and state laws put into place to protect workers’ health and rights apply to all companies regardless of how many people they employ. Even if you are a smaller employer, state laws apply to your business. Beyond statutory considerations, well-run businesses of any size also need social media policies, written documentation of rules and procedures, and advice on how to handle...


August 04, 2016
By Peter Friedmann
This is a topic that has received a lot of discussion and debate- whether or not you can, or should, be fired for what you post on Facebook. Here is a story out of Akron, Ohio, where a teacher was recently fired after comments he posted on Facebook were deemed racist and derogatory.  Ohio is an at-will state, meaning your employer can terminate you for any reason as long as that reason is not discriminatory or unlawful.  I'm sure there...