Does Ohio Law Require Breaks at Work?

September 08, 2017
By Peter Friedmann
Ohio has no law requiring employers to offer paid breaks, or any breaks for that matter, to their employees. We know this may come as a shock, as it is a common misconception that employers must provide breaks during an eight-hour shift but this is simply not the case.  Another common misconception is that you are entitled to a lunch break.  You are not.  You are not entitled to any break, paid or otherwise, as an Ohio employee.  Employers may...

Signs of Discrimination Against Veterans at Work

August 25, 2017
By Peter Friedmann
Donna Ballman compiled what a Google search reveals to be the definitive list of “7 Signs of Discrimination Against Veterans at Work” for Finance back in 2012. Click on the article’s title to learn the details. In a slightly condensed fashion, former members of the Armed Forces, Reserves, or National Guard need to be on the lookout for:   Being told a posted job is no longer available after employer becomes aware of veteran status; Hearing a recruiter or...

How an Employment Attorney Can Assist You With Employment Contracts

June 07, 2017
By Peter Friedmann
Employment Contract Lawyers
An employment contract may exist between you and your employer. Understanding each provision of the contract, negotiating to improve certain aspects, and holding both the employer and employee to their contractual obligations benefits the company and the individual. An experienced Columbus employment contracts lawyer can play an important role at each stage.   What Do Employment Contracts Cover?   Employment contracts can cover:   Paying and accepting wages or a salary; Awarding and using benefits ranging from insurance to time...
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