Jul 31, 2020
By Peter Friedmann

      A settlement in the the lawsuit titled Oakley et al. v. Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Case No. 2017-00845, Ohio Court of Claims, has been preliminarily approved by the Court.  This blog post serves to provide information related to that settlement and to provide information related to that lawsuit and settlement. All Hourly Employees should have received a Notice with additional information on participation options for the settlement.  For more information on the lawsuit, settlement, and...

What is the Minimum Wage in Ohio

Aug 23, 2019
By Peter Friedmann

Does Higher Minimum Wage in Ohio Benefit Employees? Want to start an argument? Suggest raising the minimum wage in Ohio. Everyone will have an opinion. Some will declare the minimum wage rate is too low, and others will argue that it is too high. A few will propose eliminating the minimum altogether. Very quickly, the debate may shift to speculation as to how requiring employers to pay workers more will affect the availability of jobs at the lower end of...

What Does an Unpaid Overtime Settlement Consist of in Ohio?

Jul 23, 2019
By Peter Friedmann

Under a federal law called the Fair Labor Standards Act and a similar state statute, employers in Ohio must pay most hourly workers time-and-one-half their hourly rate of pay for each hour worked over 40 hours in a workweek. Even employees who take tips like waitstaff and bartenders must receive overtime pay. But what happens when a business violates the overtime rules and denies workers the money they are rightfully owed? You can hire a Columbus unpaid overtime lawyer to...

Is It Illegal to Get Paid Under Minimum Wage in Ohio?

Jul 05, 2019
By Peter Friedmann

Is It Illegal to Pay Workers Less Than the Minimum Wage in Ohio? In the majority of circumstances, it is illegal to pay less than minimum wage to workers in Ohio. State law and federal rules enforced under the Fair Labor Standards Act do list some exemptions from Ohio’s minimum wage requirement, but those are either obvious or apply only rarely. The exemptions that apply most broadly involve people who can only be covered by the federal minimum wage law...

What Can I Do If I’m Not Getting Overtime Wages?

Apr 23, 2019
By Peter Friedmann

You would not normally suspect that employers would want to cheat their employees out of earned wages; however, it unfortunately does occur in the workplace. It especially common to see an employer refuse to pay overtime wages to employees even though they are mandated to do so in certain instances. There are a few extenuating circumstances in which employees are not entitled to overtime pay. However, if you believe you are entitled to overtime pay and have not been receiving...

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