If I Resign as Director Of Company, Will I Lose my Shares or Equity?

Dec 19, 2022
By Peter Friedmann

You may have been instrumental in creating a company, which resulted in you receiving shares or equity in that company. As organizations grow, they experience changes that may encourage the original creators to decide to move on to different ventures. For any number of reasons, a director of a company may choose to resign from his or her position. And while being a director does not necessarily make one a shareholder in a company, for those directors that do hold...

What Are the Rights of a Minority Shareholder in a Company?

Nov 08, 2022
By Peter Friedmann

As an employee, you may find yourself being offered the opportunity to hold or purchase shares within the company that you work for. In some cases, you may be considered a minority shareholder – meaning that you will be part of a group of shareholders who typically hold less than 51% of any given company. The potential to become a minority shareholder may leave you wondering about the rights of minority shareholders in private companies. This is especially an area...