What are the Disability Discrimination Laws in Ohio?

May 20, 2019
By Peter Friedmann
The Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted in 1990, and protects citizens with disabilities in places of employment, transportation, housing, government and other defined spaces. For the purpose of this article, however, we are going to focus on ADA employment discrimination in Ohio. Under the ADA, it is unlawful for employers to discriminate against employees or potential employees due to their disability. There is not an exhaustive and comprehensive list of disabilities that the act protects, but common disabilities are...

How Am I Protected by the ADA

August 01, 2017
By Peter Friedmann
The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) protects people from discrimination in employment and ensures access to government services, public transportation, public accommodations like stores and hotels, and telecommunications. The Columbus, Ohio, disability discrimination attorneys with the Friedmann Firm focus on helping disabled workers enforce and enjoy their legal rights under the ADA.   Companies, religious organizations, and employee placement services that have more than 15 people on staff must comply with ADA rules. Federal, state, and local government agencies of...


August 04, 2016
By Peter Friedmann
This is a very interesting decision regarding disabilities and reasonable accommodations in the workplace.  In the world of modern technology, anything is possible.  According to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, it is now possible for "telecommuting," more commonly known as working from home, to be considered a reasonable accommodation for those with a disability recognizable under the ADA. If you have questions about reasonable accommodations or the ADA, visit here: Factual Background Meet Plaintiff, Jane Harris.  Harris worked for...


August 04, 2016
By Peter Friedmann
Do you have a disability or a serious medical condition?  The Columbus Ohio FMLA Lawyers at The Friedmann Firm are very familiar with the Family Medical Leave Act and what it means for employees.  The Family Medical Leave Act ("FMLA") provides up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave a year. Ohio FMLA leave is available to employees who work for the following types of public sector employers: Public agencies, including state, federal and local employers;  Local educational agencies (schools). FMLA...


August 04, 2016
By Peter Friedmann
Columbus FMLA lawyers
Now that our Columbus FMLA lawyers have posted helpful information and resources to help determine whether you are eligible for FMLA leave in Ohio, lets discuss the difference between intermittent FMLA leave and continuous FMLA leave. There is also a third type of leave available to you- reduced schedule FMLA leave. As an Ohio Employment Attorney, I am frequently asked what type of FMLA leave is available and whether it can be broken down into smaller incremenets. This article will...
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