Can I Be Fired for Reporting Racial Discrimination?

Apr 01, 2019
By Peter Friedmann

Though we have made strides in promoting racial equality, we are still far from reaching it. Unfortunately for workers throughout the United States, employment-based racial discrimination happens every day.

If you have witnessed it in your workplace, you may need the help of a racial discrimination attorney in Columbus, Ohio. The Columbus retaliation attorneys at The Friedmann Firm can help you properly report discrimination and protect you from any retaliatory action your employer may try to take against you. We work towards protecting those who speak out against the unjust actions of their employers.

What is Considered Racial Discrimination in the Workplace?

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Ohio’s discrimination legislation prohibit employers from unfairly treating employees based on the basis of race or national origin. Simply put, an employer cannot treat someone differently because of their race or nationality. This extends to hiring, firing, promoting and compensating employees. The act also protects against setting unfair terms and conditions of employment based on race.

If you have encountered discrimination based on race, color or national origin, you should inform your employer, in writing. For assistance, call a race discrimination attorney in Columbus, Ohio at The Friedmann Firm and we will walk you through the process. Racial discrimination in the workplace should not be tolerated. We can help you to ensure that you are protected after speaking out against unfair treatment.

What Discrimination Reporting Protections Do I Have?

It is normal to be concerned about the consequences of reporting your employer’s unlawful work practices. This fear, unfortunately, leads to a large number of instances of unlawful practices never being reported. It is important to know that you have protection, under the law, to report any unlawful workplace practices. Your employer may not take any retaliatory action against you if you report racial discrimination that has occurred. Reporting racial discrimination is considered a protected activity as is reporting sexual harassment, wage violation or any other unlawful employer behavior. Therefore, if you engage in one of these protected activities, you cannot be fired or have any other retaliation taken against you.

If you have reported unlawful employer behavior and been treated unfairly as a result, you should contact a Columbus retaliation attorney at The Friedmann Firm. To prove unlawful retaliation, we will work to establish that:

  • You engaged in a “protected activity”
  • You received a termination, demotion, or suspension
  • And this termination, demotion, or suspension was a direct result of the “protected activity”

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