Are You Eligible for Severance?

Jan 02, 2019
By Peter Friedmann

The time has come to depart from your current employment position and your employer has offered you a Severance Agreement and Release.  Depending on the type of agreement, there are several different forms of compensation that may be offered. The goals of hiring an Ohio severance negotiation attorney are to receive the most optimal severance benefits and understand the rights you are waiving to accept severance. You want to be sure you understand the terms of the agreement and are not waiving any rights you do not intend to waive. Be aware that most severance agreements do require you to waive your right to sue your former employer in exchange for the compensation provided in the severance agreement. The Friedmann Firm’s Cleveland severance negotiation attorneys will certainly assist you throughout this process to ensure you receive the most favorable outcome and understand your rights.

Let’s be clear: after termination you are not entitled to a severance package. An employer is not under an obligation to offer severance in most circumstances. The facilitation of severance is dependent on the relationship and contextual grounds surrounding your dismissal. To become entirely familiar with the terms of the severance arrangement, it is highly recommended to retain legal counsel. In order to stretch your severance package to its greatest potential, we recommend consulting with a Cleveland severance negotiation attorney.

The Friedmann Firm offers a multitude of services surrounding severance agreements. Our expertise is based around negotiating fair and favorable terms.. We will make sure to completely explain the terms of your arrangement and break down what each provision means. We always weigh your best options in terms of what you receive in exchange for accepting severance. Amongst the terms of negotiation are benefits such as: continuous medical, vision and dental benefits, outplacement assistance programs, neutral references, profit sharing and stock options.

When you hire an Ohio severance attorney to assist you with severance negotiation, it is helpful to have goals in mind when you begin but realize that these goals may not be attainable. First, it is critical to understand that you have the right to hire an Ohio severance negotiation lawyer.  Also, make sure to be completely honest with your lawyer about the circumstances surrounding your dismissal. For a beneficial result to be achieved, it is important to disclose all issues with complete transparency and clarity.

Another significant factor to consider is the risk of litigation. Are you equipped to handle the often stressful circumstances that surround litigation? Litigation often proves to be costly and protracted. It is often more favorable to clients to negotiate severance upon their departure, rather than filing a lawsuit. 

Negotiating a Neutral Reference

It is strongly suggested that your Ohio severance lawyer negotiate a neutral reference for you upon your departure.  A neutral reference exists in a variety of forms, but typically involves only dates of employment, job title and occasionally, rate of pay. Therefore, if you were terminated, a neutral reference alleviates your obligation to disclose prior information, like a termination, to potential employers. This means that only specified information will be provided to prospective employers. Another bonus about a neutral reference is that it allows you to seek additional employment with a clean slate. Most likely, you will need a Cleveland severance negotiation attorney to arrange a neutral reference for you, as it is not normally included unless you request it. In appropriate situations, the Cleveland severance negotiation lawyers at The Friedmann Firm can negotiate a severance package for you, with a neutral reference, to ensure you are able to look for jobs without worry. Call us today for a consultation.