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The Friedmann Firm LLC is a Columbus, Ohio labor and employment law firm that focuses its practice solely on employment law. Peter Friedmann and Rachel Sabo handle a wide variety of employment related issues, including discrimination based on disability, race, gender, religion, pregnancy and military status. Our Columbus FMLA lawyers are experienced in handling FMLA interference and retaliation cases.  If you need employment law advice in Columbus, Ohio, contact us today for a free consultation.


Our unpaid overtime lawyers in Columbus, Ohio represent employees for claims related to unpaid overtime pay, failure to pay minimum wage and misclassification, when an employee is designated as an independent contractor but is actually an employee. Our Columbus sexual harassment lawyers help protect employees from unwanted sexual harassment, hostile work environment and retaliation. If you are looking for an aggressive Columbus employment discrimination law firm, you have come to the right place.


Our lawyers also consult with small businesses that need guidance and assistance to comply with Ohio’s employment laws. Our office is centrally located in Columbus, Ohio and its Columbus Employment Lawyers have successfully represented clients from Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, Dayton, Youngstown, Cincinnati and the surrounding areas.   We represent employees throughout the state of Ohio, not only the Columbus area.


We understand how stressful it is to encounter a problem at work or feel as though you are not being treated fairly. Employment laws are complex and our clients are often confused about what their rights are. Our Ohio Employment Lawyers will not only educate you on what laws apply to your specific situation, but will fight aggressively for you if those laws have been violated. The Friedmann Firm prides itself on finding innovative ways to resolve your problem, as each client has different goals. If you need a Columbus, Ohio employment attorney, call us today.