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The term “wrongful termination” can be confusing and is often misunderstood. Our Columbus wrongful termination lawyers will explain what the term means and how to recognize whether you have a claim for wrongful termination or wrongful discharge in Ohio.

Do you think you need a Wrongful Termination Lawyer in Columbus Ohio?

“Wrongful termination” occurs when an employee is fired for unlawful reasons. In Ohio, your employment is considered “at-will.”  “At-will” employment means an employer can fire, discipline, or demote an employee at any time, for any reason, at any time, including a bad or unfair reason or even no reason at all, as long as the reason for doing so is not illegal.  For instance, if you are fired for having a personality conflict with a manager or co-worker, your termination may be perfectly legal. The key to unlawful termination is that the underlying reason for termination must be illegal, not just unfair.

The only employees who are not considered “at-will” employees are certain government employees, those who have employment contracts, or those union employees who are subject to a collective bargaining agreement. However, at-will employees are protected from wrongful termination and cannot be fired for reasons that violate the law or public policy.


What Makes a Termination Wrongful?

In order for a termination to be wrongful, the reasons for the termination must be illegal or violate public policy. Therefore, there are many reasons a termination could be considered wrongful. If you are fired for complaining about discrimination, your termination could be wrongful. If you are discriminated against and fired because of a disability or because you requested a reasonable accommodation for that disability, your termination could be wrongful. If you asked questions about failure to pay overtime and you were fired shortly after, your termination could be wrongful. If you were sexually harassed at work, filed a complaint and were fired, your termination could be wrongful. For more helpful information on whether you need a lawyer for wrongful termination in Columbus, Ohio, visit our blog: Do I Need an Wrongful Termination Lawyer?.


What Should I Do if I Believe I Was Wrongfully Terminated?

If you believe you were terminated for illegal reasons or reasons that violate public policy, contact us today. A specific statute of limitations applies to each case so it is important to act as soon as possible and consult with a Columbus wrongful termination lawyer so you do not miss any deadlines. ACT NOW. If you speak with our wrongful termination attorneys and we believe your termination was unlawful, we can file a lawsuit against your former employer, requesting damages that may include lost wages, front wages, emotional distress, liquidated damages and punitive damages.


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