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What is discrimination?

Discrimination is when you are treated differently or unlawfully based on a “protected class” such as age, race, national origin, religion, pregnancy, sex (gender) or disability.

It is unlawful for your employer to treat you less favorably than other employees based on one of these protected classes.  Please call one of our Columbus Discrimination lawyers today, who can fully explain these classifications.  A few examples are below:

  • Age Discrimination. Protection begins at age 40. Have younger individuals been treated more favorably than you? If you were terminated and replaced with a younger employee, contact an employment attorney.
  • Race Discrimination. Have racially offensive comments been made to you? Are you treated differently or less favorably because of your race?
  • Religious Discrimination. Are you prohibited from practicing your religion?
  • Pregnancy Discrimination. Were you fired for being pregnant? Not promoted because of a pregnancy?
  • USERRA military discrimination.

If you feel you are being discriminated, call a Columbus Ohio discrimination attorney at The Friedmann Firm today. We offer free consultations.